Unreliable Friend

Do you have any idea of what I meant by ‘unreliable friend’…?Wine Fallensky

It’s been a while. I’m so busy with college and business. My dad suggest that I move to Bali (Denpasar, the city…) but, mom insist that I continue college and have a title. What a mess…

I was so stressed. My head hurts. My brain just crashed weeks ago. I ran through MRI and doctor said that I’m fine but, this headache keeps bothering me.

Look what I got from the stress…

IMG_2195IMG_2197Lots of chocolates… 100 chocopop lying in my room waiting to be eaten… It’s very delicious… I mean, I like sweets, so I LOVE IT!!!

Wanna try? Contact @echocopop at Twitter or check out more pictures and comment on instagram, still @echocopop

Back to the topic…

What is friend to you? What are they…?

Don’t you think friends are someone you can rely on? Someone you walk together… Be with you even when the storm comes… Not leaving you alone in the desert.

You know what I mean…? An unreliable friend is like… You know, my dogs, yeah, they’re also my friend but, I can’t let them be my partner in business or at school because I can’t leave them with the task. They will never accomplish anything but, I can rely on them to protect me on the street. You got it…? Unreliable friend is like … You’re relying on your dog to help you with school’s homework. It’s just POINTLESS!

I have issues on trusting people… It’s not that easy. Unless you wanna get massive disappointment…

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