God Between Overworked and Being Sick

A lot of things happened to me these days. Bad things happened the last week of October. Cursed halloween maybe. I’m still sick right now. I went to hospital on… Monday? Or Tuesday… 12 or 13 November. Switched my antibiotic and got several more pills. Poor liver…

I got sick. My DSLR camera fell. My camera lens got scratched. My external disks are getting full. My car got scratch. My friend got his cake fell on my DSLR camera. A table fell off from the back of my car and leave a white mark (My car is a black BMW). And other stupid things. It’s irritating.

But, there’s also a lot of things I realized in my life.

That day, I when was sick and I was working on my final exam of Entrepreneurship. It’s kind of a thick paper work. So, I write like 11 or 13 pages already and suddenly the office stop responding. Wow, that’s really brilliant since I haven’t saved it. There’s no way I’ll force it to quit. I’ll lose my 3 hours of hard work. But, what else can I do? It’s 7 P.M. and I can’t wait forever. So, I have to force it to quit. Then, I was trying to recover it. Somehow the recovering process going real slow.  It’s really annoying, you know? Watching your hard work burns to small data and *poof* deleted, lost forever and then you have to start all over. It’s gonna be a tiring work to do, not to mention if I recall how close I am to finish it… But, suddenly, I did one thing that I haven’t done for some time. I pray, Man… I pray. It’s really something that I couldn’t think of. I was like,”God, don’t do this to me. You can’t do this to me. I’m tired. If you let that work go, I’d probably will let myself fail this class. There’s no way I’m gonna start all over again. Please don’t do this to me…” Maybe people will see it like… “Yeah, right… What can God do to a computer?” Well, somehow He did something for me.

I was searching all over my computer for any recovered document and everything. I searched everywhere but, there’s nothing. So, all I can do now is to stop the ‘not responding’ office and cancel the ‘not responding’ recovering process. I cancel it, stop it, and somehow the thing asked me to save some recovered file, it’s not in .doc but, I clicked ‘ok’. Then when I open the recovered file, it’s all there. All of the stuff I’ve been working for 3 hours. No lost word, nothing deleted. Just like before the program stop responding. Wow, God heard me. He did. By the way, later on, after I finish the paper, I was working on the pictures, for the attachments, the office was not responding again. That time, I really lost the 4-pages attachments. Gladly, I have the 13 pages work. Pretty much a great little thing God have done to me, for me. He always listen… I just never realize how he really put some attention to me. Yeah, maybe it’s not even a matter to people but, to me, that 3 hours of working in from of my macbook was tiring and I was really sick at that time. It’s really something for me that I didn’t lose it. That really saved my college and my future as well.

“No matter what religion you’re in, God exist… He always exist.”

On 5th November, I was working all over the night until 4 A.M. in the morning to finish the last project, Evolution evaluation video. The sick part of it is that there’s only 3 people here who can do video editing. And the crucial part is the two of them aren’t good with it and the one left is me… I can’t leave it all to them since I can do it better, faster, they need me. I’m a responsible person that I think I have to finish it, it’s my job. They trust me for this, I don’t let people down. So, I did it. It’s done, it’s finished in the morning, I can’t sleep, we have a huge meeting for evaluation at 8 A.M. That’s how I got even sicker and doctor have to switch my antibiotic to a higher level. This is going to ruin my immune system…

I’m still sick right now, feel better but, still have some virus inside.

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