I have attended JROCK EVOLUTION 2012 in Jakarta. I’m in the first front row, VVIP. Right in front of the guitarist place. It’s awesome.

UNiTE is the first band. Honestly, I don’t really know UNiTE nor MUCC. I was there because of Alice Nine. But, somehow, because I really like rock music, I got carried away. I enjoyed the whole show. That guitarist wear a glasses. Wow, that’s quite rare for me to see. Why did he wear a glasses, it’ll make it hard to freely do some headbang… But then, he took it off after a few songs. Hahaha, I know it’s bothering him. I am too, a guitarist. So, I know how it feels when you put on a loose glasses. It’ll fall off. UNiTE is very attractive, I think. The vocalist interact with the audience, well, he… spit on the audience. Damn, HE SPIT ON MY FACE! Well, I guess, that’s how a rock band play. In the end, I got a pick from that guitarist, I got his name recently, Shiina Mio…? I overjoyed… Hahaha, I collect guitar picks. Thanks, Mio…

Then… After UNiTE, MUCC came in.

“Wow… I think I’m gonna love this band.”

The vocalist, Tatsurou is… Really… Goth. Covered in black and that dark aura. I’m stunned by the guitarist, Miya, right? Awesome. I really like Miya! Tatsurou and Miya didn’t put any shoes. LOL I think,“This is gonna be awesome!” People don’t wear shoes because they’re gonna jump and go crazy on the stage, that’s what on my mind at the time. Yeah, 69 is great. ムック is awesome. I really like the guitar… Rocks. Miya keep switching his guitar. It’s crazy out there. The jump, the headbang, I can hear people scream so loud. I’m gonna be a fans of this band… Unfortunately, I don’t get Miya’s pick. Damn! It’s close!

The last but not least… Alice Nine. God, I saved my last energy for them… I queued for them, I came to Jakarta only for Alice Nine…

People are shouting, “アリス九號!! アリス九號!! アリス九號!!” Alice Nine is truly a bunch of superstars. The aura is really different. Once they’re on the stage, I feel really different. It’s really awesome. They look so cool, awesome, handsome, I can never describe. They all wear white. Yeah, great band got dresscode…? Never mind. SENKOU is their first song. I can’t believe it! I really like that song, I just never thought they’re gonna open the stage with that song. We sing, we jump, headbang, we watch Hiroto kissed Tora. Eh, on the cheek. Hehehe… Shou did something with Saga, I just don’t really catch it, did he kissed Saga’s neck!? Fanservice. Hehehe… They are great. I can’t believe I can see them right in front of me. In the end, I only got Hiroto’ straw. Yeah, I’ll keep that forever. LOL

Meet and greet session. This is the shortest meet and greet session in the world… I think. We don’t get anything signed, only given the poster of JROCK EVOLUTION which is already signed. Then photo session, we sit on the chair which is prepared before. I don’t get hugged by Shou.

Handshake and photo session… Only “ありがとう” and “Thank you”.

Not really that two words for me. When I walk to that chair, I looked at them, I saw Hiroto smiled at me, then Nao, and then Shou. I don’t get to see Tora and Saga clearly. Then I heard from behind (When I sit) Hiroto and two others saying something… “ナルト! ナルト!” Dude, I’m not cosplaying. Wait… What’s with  ナルト?!?!?!

After the shot, I said arigato to Hiroto and shake his hand, he said something in Japanese, something about game, gamer or something, I don’t understand so I just stay silent for 2 seconds of awkward moment. “Ooo… ありがとう…” He said, breaking the silence. Hahaha… that’s really weird.

Nao, he went close to me and shake my hand with both hand and very entusiast. “ありがとう! ありがとう!” Wow, yeah, ありがとう, Nao… Hehehe… Shou is really nice. He smiled at me and we shake hands gently. He said, “ありがとう…”  Then, Saga… He said,”Thank you.” Then he shake my hand. That’s a weird handshake but, thank you, Saga. The last one, Tora. He said,”ありがとう…” Then we shake hands. He gave me the signed poster. ありがとう, Tora. I left the stage with images of their smiles in mind. These are memories that I will never forget…
ありがとう, アリス九號…

I love アリス九號

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    Thanks very interesting blog!

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