College, Ciputra University

It’s been  months. I feel pretty much normal. What’s the difference? Here, I feel busier… And more… Lonely. People in the university are more like… Individualist and I think, they don’t really communicate with others. They don’t make much contact with new people. They’re stuck with their old friends. Make it even harder for me. Hehehe…

No days without new assignment. I rarely can breath as a free man. Hehehe… Things have changed a lot. I met some new people, some good, some… I don’t know. I don’t really wanna judge these people. Haven’t really know them.

Back from AFA ID in Jakarta, I’ve wasted almost all my money there, 1001 assignment are waiting for me. Great. I have no choice but, to stay up at night doing these assignment. Videos, uploads, downloading layouts, I almost forgot to eat.

For those who don’t know this university, it’s one of the top 10 most expensive university in Indonesia. Specialized to graduate new entrepreneur. Well, sounds great huh? I do think so. And it’s great. I do feel that I got a lot to learn here.

New environment. For me, this is hell. I really don’t like to adapt to new places, new people, new system, everything is weird for me at first. After more than two months, I kinda learn a bit. A BIT! I really hate the orientation week. Mostly depressed by the late dinner, late assignment, and super early start. I have to wake up at 4 for that stupid event. I always hate orientation week anyway.

Now, for me, my mission here in Ciputra University is to survive and to graduate as soon as possible. I don’t really think it’s important to graduate. Once I feel like I have nothing else to learn here, I’m going out and start my new business.

“Think BIG, start small…”

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