Rest In Peace, My Friend…

R.I.P. Dionisius Eko Pritanto… Short laugh but, I’ll remember it forever…

What a short journey we had on Earth…

I just lost a friend tonight. He’s a funny guy. He’s a good person, very nice person, friendly. Died in an accident, I heard. He’s still quite young. Deep condolence for those he left…

I met him in Mataram, Lombok. When I was going to go hiking on Mt.Rinjani. I’ve been with him around 2 weeks. Hiking together for 5 days. He helped me a lot when we’re going for the top. He got good sense of humor. We laughed together, eat together, sleep on the same camping ground, live for a week in a church…

I don’t spend years with him, I don’t spend months with him, I just spent couple weeks with him. Those are the memories that, for me, are very precious, great experience with great people in it.

He’s a great guy… Not everyone will miss him but, some people will always cherish all the precious memories with him… Just like me.

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