Orientation Week – Miracle

The first day of my orientation week in University of Ciputra… Quite amazing.

I went there from my apartment then… I realize that I didn’t bring anything. I just bring ‘me’, myself with the proper dress code. OMG…!!!

The week before, I didn’t make any attribute for the orientation week. I simply asked my friend to help me with it and then, I’ll pay them. Heh, typical human like me will do the same thing.

I saw everyone got their attribute, balloons and everything. Well… I think someone is going to yell at me, or maybe many FSD…

Then suddenly…

“You don’t bring a balloon?”

I nodded.

“Go buy some @ 5000.”

“Ok…” I answered. I went to a friend who bring my wallet.

I got my wallet but, not my friend. Then… after I bought a balloon… I met Reivaldi, my friend who got my attribute. I asked him to help me made the attribute before. So, I got everything I need now. And… No one yelled at me.

The rest of the day… Quite normal for me, normal for an orientation week.

The rest of the week was just like a dream for me. Tired… I feel crazy and stressed but, what a miracle [like my friend said to me.] I can pass it, I mean, I can finish the whole orientation week without any absence. Heh… I feel like a boss. Hahaha…

Now that this is my first time going to college, I think… I’ll be bored with everything and have a few friends. For me, finding friends are as hard as finding a key in the ocean… Oaaa… I hate adapting to a new place! I feel so unadaptable… I fear a lot of things… ==”

O’ God…

My purpose of going through college is to have a lot of channel and friends… Will I fullfil my purpose…?

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