That Day, Death

Yesterday, June29th 2012

My sister was sick. She couldn’t do things on her own. Stomachache and vomiting… Well, it’s scary. Since I’m afraid to lose the closest person to me. Watching “Killer Outbreaks” on Animal Planet makes me worry. What if some kinda bacteria infect her?

I’ve been thinking a lot of things about death, getting old, being helpless… Someone wise told me, “Anything can happen in a blink of an eye.” I guess that’s right. We, humans will grow older. Some got wiser, some just die in vain. I got even more worried of my future. People got dreams. Mine…? It’s way too abnormal. Maybe putting my dreams too high isn’t really good. It makes me lose confidence but, hey, that’s what dreams are, hard to reach.

Tomorrow, June 1st 2012

They said there’s going to be an event at Gramedia Expo at 3 P.M. Cosplay thingy. I should come with my little sister. Last event we attended really sucks. This should be good.

Now, June 30th 2012 at 11. 22 P.M.

I’m ar Pisa KAFE with my family, dad, mom, lil’ sis, and my 9 years old cousin. Gonna grab something to eat. I’m starving…

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