God-like Gamer

I’m a gamer. I love game, it’s a part of me, a part of my life. It’s fun and amazing, what a great art. Because I love it so much, I always try to master those games, whatever I like. My favorite genre is fighting game then, racing, though I only play those racing game in arcade machine; I’m addicted to Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune.

Then… The number one fighting game, Tekken.

No one can beat me in my best condition. Hehehe… I once played with my cousin. Lots of them. They are also a game maniac. But, you see, I’m a god in fighting game. Name it. Tekken, Blazblue, even Soulcalibur. Not a single lost. Cousin tried to beat the god… Yeah, in a thousand years.

I don’t get addicted to adventure game, RPG, and else. I found it more comfortable to kick [beat] someone’s ass, real person. Dude, losing for 100 times without any win will annoy them. Hahaha…

God-like Gamer, Baby… Also a very nice person… B-)

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