Rock ‘N Roll, Gettin’ Life

I’m a fan of rock music. Somehow it’s the only thing that could calm me down. Rock saved my life, Baby… Hehehe…

Guns n Roses, Linkin Park, the GazettE… Hehehe… I like any kinds of rock. It’s perfect. Beautiful. Hardcore. Just like life. Somehow it’s a tough shit to deal with.

I’ve been doing quite nothing this holiday. Yeah, not much. My mom got angry at me for almost everything and now, my grandma came. Grandma from my dad’s side of the family which is quite annoying. I’m being honest. I’m not close with her. I like the other grandma better. I don’t understand but, the more I grow up, the more I dislike my dad’s side. Hehehe… Maybe because I don’t really like human anymore. What a weird kid… huh? Yeah… Sorta…

And now…

My mom screwed up… She’s being talkative. I hate it when that happen. Mother… Mother… Ruined my mood in a second…

So… I’m getting my life back. I’m gonna do something this holiday. Maybe mom will eventually realize that I’m a genius. Since she asked me about my auntie who left her world for church. I repeat, for church. I don’t know. Church is not God. That’s what I believed. Good bye, Auntie. I dislike religious thing. I just like Godly thing… Hehehe… I seek God, not religion.

Continue on writing that book…

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