I was listening to Honeybee – Blake Shelton when I send a short message to my friend.  I asked him about the title of my book. Yeah, I’m currently writting my first book since I feel so free this holiday. I ask him about what he think about it. Since he’s such a good friend, I really need his opinion.

I thought he’s not in a good shape. There days, he has a problem with his body. He feel quite painful after doing some body exercise. Plus he feel depressed after being left alone (he feel lonely) by his friends. I mean, he didn’t get to go outta town with his friends. Poor him…

It’s a blessing to have a good friend, someone who will never leave you. In the past, my past, I feel a lot more lonely than I feel right now. I’m not really good at making friends. I admit that. It’s hard for me to create a bond with other human. I fear being hurt, betrayed, or being left alone. I always keep some safe distance which I now regret a bit.

Well, friends is God’s greatest gift. Be nice to them…

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