Last night, I have a very weird dream. It’s about me and my father. My father is a very difficult person, stubborn and none can stand in his way. He’s never proud of me, I guess. Whatever I do, he always see it as a mistake. Though sometimes I hate him very much, I know his inside is soft and kind. Sometimes I love him a lot. Of course, we shared the same blood so, there are some weird things that connect both of us.

In my dream, I had a fight with my father. I hit him, straight on the face, he choke me, lift me ’till I can’t feel my feet touch the ground. I grab my katana sword, he took his gun. Everything is in… chaos. Then, I decided to leave the house. I leave the entire family.

Such a thrilling dream. I never wanna let go my family. I still need them. They’re not proud of having me as a family member yet. I’ll show’em what I’m capable of, I’ll show’em what I can do. Father can be this great without education. Well, I have to be better than him, TWICE of his achievement! I’ll proof it to him that I’m not just a person full of mistakes. Someday, he’ll say it…

“I’m proud of you…”

I’ll be waiting for him to get his mind and look at me… Even if it’s just a quick look. I just want him to see me as me, the person I am… Not just his business.

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