Words From The Heart

It’s late and I’m sure I need to do somethings. You know, I’m quite forgetful. Sometimes, I can even forgot to wake up in the morning and end up waking up at 2 P.M. then I was like,”Shoot! What the hell is wrong with me?!” But, it’s ok because I like sleeping. I cherish every moment I can sleep. Hehehe… Well, I didn’t write this just to say that I like to sleep. Today, I have to say something to someone very special to me. You know, it’s quite magical how love can make you stay awake (read: insomnia).

“Heart that keep loving is always young.”

I don’t know much about proverbs. (lie)

Girls are a beautiful creature. Well, not all of them are beautiful. It depends on the viewer, right? I thought so… Some girls are slow. Real slow… ’till you have to explain everything CLEARLY, maybe over-clear it. Hahaha… Some girls are patient, some just don’t give a shit. Some girls got jealous easily when the other… Well, don’t give a shit, I guess…

I know this one special girl, special for me. I don’t know what you might think of… Hehehe… I like her. She’s not beautiful, that’s what she said to me. She thinks slowly, I think. Or maybe I just get it wrong. I don’t know. Talking about her just make me feel not right. Some girls really make me feel like that. That thing shaking in your stomach like a bunch of insects… Just like what my father said.

love is like butterflies in your belly
Love is like a bunch of butterflies in your belly...

“Love is like a bunch of butterfly in your belly.”He said.

“Disgusting…” I replied.

How can you imagine it? Evolved caterpillar in your belly? They might destroy my intestine. I never get it. It’s very complicated, huh? Well, I can’t really describe how I feel. I always paint it somewhere or write a bunch of words, or I just grab my guitar  and sing a song match my feeling. Maybe everyone have different things to do due to their own feelings. I don’t know what you’re doing though. Hehehe…

“When you miss me
Just think of the stars.
They are so far away
But, you can always see their light.
(unless carbon-dioxide that cover the sky is over-capacity )

Just like my love
You can always feel it.
(unless hatred that cover your heart is over-capacity)”

Is it hard to understand? I guess not, unless you’re a bit slow. Just read it all over again. Hehehe… I know my feelings are not that complicated. I just like to make it a bit different. More like a puzzle, you have to figure it out yourself to see/know the true form or just see the box… Or find it on Google if you don’t have the box.

I just wanna say,“Happy Anniversary…” to that one person. Shine like the stars for me…

What a complicated way to say two simple words? Nah, actually, I wanna say more than this but, it’s kinda privacy… So, I’ll end it here then…emo blood sorry I love you

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