The Day Jesus Born

One night a long time ago, Mary was staring out her window daydreaming of her life with Joseph, her future husband.

All of a sudden, a shining light startled her. An angel of God appeared and spoke to Mary, “I am the angel Gabriel sent by God to tell you that God loves you very much and is very happy with you. He has chosen you to be a mother of boy Jesus. Jesus will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest.”

Mary said, ” I will be the handmaiden of the Lord, I will yield to His Will; let it be.”

And then the angel Gabriel disappeared.

Mary suddenly felt great peace and the Holy Ghost came to visit her.

The powers of the Highest overshadow her and she became pregnant.

When Mary awoke the next morning, she felt happy. Yet she was wondering if everything was true…

“Oh I know the angel told me that my cousin Elisabeth is pregnant, I think I will go visit her”

She got dressed, ate, let her Mom know where she was going and why; and off she went on a journey to Juda where her cousin lived.

It took Mary a few days, so when she arrived at Zacharias and Elisabeth’ s home she was tired and weary from the long journey;

Elisabeth hurried to share her news with her about what the Lord had done, but as she saw Mary and heard her voice the baby in her tummy jumped with joy!

At that moment, Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost and she started saying

“Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the baby you carry. It is such a blessing that you came to visit me the mother of my Lord.

Look Mary! The baby in my tummy leaps for joy, feel him jump. He is happy, it is as if he knows the child you carry is special. Mary said, “Oh Elisabeth, I feel so loved. It is amazing that He has chosen me a simple maiden to be the mother of His Holy Child.

Mary stayed with her for about three months helping and learning many precious lessons. She wanted to be there when Elisabeth gave birth to the baby.

When baby John was born Mary knew it was time for her to go home and tell Joseph all that had happen. She worried about how Joseph would receive this news, so she asked Elisabeth and Zacharias to keep her in their prayers.

Joseph loved Mary very much but when he heard the news of her pregnancy, he was very saddened and confused.

He did not know what to do, but God did

As Joseph slept, the angel appeared to him in his dreams saying, ” Joseph, God wants you take Mary as your wife.

She is carrying God’s child and He wants you to take care of her. This baby is very special! You are to call him Jesus; he shall save his people from their sins.

God has found you faithful and worthy of raising His child. This is a great blessing from Him! So fear not to take Mary as your wife, everything will work out, God is in control.”

Joseph woke up and ran to Mary’s house. ” Mary, Mary! I just had a dream! You are to be my wife. An angel told me.”

Mary was so happy, they hugged and praised God together.

Caesar Augustus, the ruler at that time, ordered everyone to pay their taxes in the city they were born in.

This was distressing news for Joseph and Mary.

It meant they would have to travel a long ways to go to Joseph’ s home in Bethlehem and the baby was due soon.

He was not pleased with the news but then he remembered a scripture, a prophecy he was taught about the birth of the Messiah. Joeseph marveled at ” God’s Mysterious Ways”…

Joseph did everything possible to make the trip easy for Mary.

When they arrived in Joseph’s hometown, there was nowhere for them to stay, all the rooms in the inns where full…

Mary looked tired as she spoke,

” Joseph the baby is coming, we need to find a place where I can give birth.”

He tried to encourage Mary

” God has a special place for us ” ,

but Joseph didn’ t know where.

So they stopped and prayed together asking God to provide a place and that He would have His Perfect Way.

Then Joseph remembered the stable — a place where he used to play when he was a boy — he used to love to go there to see all the different animals.

” Mary I will take you to the stable it will be dry and warm there. It’ s not too much farther” , he said.

Joseph prepared a place for Mary to have the baby. She was so happy to be out of the cold and in a sheltered area. It was not long afterward that Mary and Joseph were rejoicing at the birth of Jesus. They were so happy that everything worked out and that Jesus was a healthy baby. They wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger.

Soon they both felt into a restful sleep.

A few hours later, Mary and Joseph were interrupted from their sleep.

Mary said to Joseph, “Look there are shepherds outside the stable.”

Mary was worried that they might have to move and find another place to rest. “Joseph, please go see what they want.”

Joseph reluctantly got up from his place of rest and went to see. Shortly after he came back to Mary’s side and told her that they wanted to see the baby.

“Why?”, Mary asked. Joseph replied, “I will let them tell you. Is it OK?”

“Yes, it is ok, Joseph, let them come in”, Mary answered.

Look at the child as the angel told us,” the shepherds said, “Let us explain, a bright light appeared out of the heavens.

We were greatly worried and afraid but an angel appeared and told us, “Fear not: I bring you good tidings of Great Joy for all people.

Today! In the city of David a Savior is born, Christ the Lord.

You will find the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.”

Then there was a heavenly multitude in the sky praising God and singing “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Oh what a blessed child this is! What a Beautiful night! We will not stay long but we had to come and see the miracle that was told us. You understand?”

“Yes,” Mary replied, “This is a wondrous miracle!” Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

“We will be off now, we must get back to our flock. Thank You!”

As they went, they rejoiced and told everybody they met about the miracle that took place that night.

A couple days later when the streets of Bethlehem soon returned to normal Mary and Joseph found a nice place to stay. They were so happy for all that the Lord had done!

Meanwhile, the same night that Jesus was born, a star appeared in the sky and in the East, three wise men were watching.

They knew this was special; and that a great king was born that night. Each decided to leave their country and follow the star so they could give gifts to the new king.

But on their way to find Jesus, do you know what happened?

God had been guiding them by the star, but when they got there they apparently used their natural reasoning and wisdom, “Oh well, we’re here now, we’ll go ask the king!

Of course he’ll know where the Messiah, this great King has been born. We’ll go ask King Herod, we’ll be able to tell us, and his wise men”.

So they went to the bad wicked King Herod to find out, where the King was being born, and he said, “Who is the King? What other king besides me has being born in this country?- I’m the king!”

But at least he called his wise men and asked, “Hey, where’s this guy suppose to be born anyway?- The Messiah of the Jews, this King of Jews?”

The prophet had said:

“And thoug Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, art not the least among the princes of Judah; for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule My people Israel”.

So Wise Men knew that the King was no help.

So they saw the star and the star guided them again to Bethlehem and they found Jesus.

They had three kind of gifts

The gift of frankincense – a lovely perfume – signified that Jesus was God – the Son of God.

The next gift was myrrh – a sad perfume-that showed that Jesus is going to be crucified and die and be buried in a cold tomb. Myrrh was what they put on people when they died, a perfume that they embalm people with.

But there was another gift, and this was a very important gift as you’ll see…

What was it?


Now why did he need gold anyway?

Because they had to live in the foreign country hiding for two years!

God gave the kings a dream and said, “King Herod is afraid to lose his kingdom because of Jesus. He is going to kill Jesus.”

So the kings went back another route, a shortcut, and they bypassed the wicked King Herod.

An Angel also appeared to Joseph and said, “Take your wife and young child and flee to Egypt, and be there until I tell you to come back.

So he took his wife and Jesus and the donkey and they took off for Egypt!

After two years the Lord told Joseph, “Don’t worry anymore, King Herod is dead! You can go home to Nazareth now!”

Imagine they went away just a young couple with a pregnant wife, and they came back with a four-year-old little boy!

How about that!

“Out of Egypt have I called My Son” (Mathew 2:15; Hosea 11;1)

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