10 Drinks That Will Put Hair on Your Chest


Whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters. A cherry may be added. A drink for the sophisticated and worldly business man. There is a reason that “man” is contained within the name of this drink.

Vodka and Water

Yes, I use a mixer with my drink: not to kill the taste, but to make it last longer. I am a man.


Any drink containing home-brew is a man’s drink. Sipping it straight from the mason jar is the preferred method. I have seen it mixed with red gatorade and a lime wedge to great effect as well.

Dirty Martini

James Bond drinks martinis. That is reason enough to include them on this list. Ordering it “dirty” just seems to take this a step further into manliness.


Smirnoff Vodka, Triple Sec and lime juice. This drink sounds sort of dangerous. It suggests that you hunt wild boar, kayak class 5 rapids or engage in other life-threatening manly activities in your spare time.

Bulleit Neat

Drinking Bulleit bourbon with no ice, garnish or mixer will ensure that you will have a five o’clock shadow by the end of the glass, no matter how clean-shaven you were when you started it.

The Three Wisemen

Johnny Walker, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels: all in the same glass. This separates the men from the boys.

Irish Car Bomb

Fill a shot class half full with Baileys and fill the other half with Jameson whiskey. Drop this into a half-glass of Guiness and pound it.

Black Russian

There are few countries more manly than Russia. It’s cold, it’s run by crazies and I’m pretty sure they don’t smile over there (At least these are the things I learned from Rocky IV). Because of this, any drink with Russia in it’s name is inherently manly. For a Black Russian, combine vodka and Kahlua. Wear a fur hat while drinking.

Rusty Nail

3 parts scotch, 1 part Drambuie. Just approaching the bar and ordering a “Rusty Nail” will give you serious man points.

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