Between Me and God

Do you believe in God? Yes, God; no matter what religion you believe. “Do you believe in God?” What a simple question yet, so difficult to answer. As we think with our mind, logic things and else, do you think God actually created this world in 6 days as it’s written in bible? Well, I can’t answer that. I actually have my own theory that I won’t share.

Religion, as we all know, is a private part of life where no one should interfere. People can teach you anything but, it’s useless if you don’t believe, put enough faith to fight for it, Right? There are many things in life that we believe. A lot of things we give our faith though some may be a bit disappointing but, we still do it, keeping that faith deep inside our heart with a bit spark of hope. Yeah, sure, hope is what makes us happy and keep moving on, keep fighting, keep living.

I just wanna share some of my own personal experience in life. I used to be a very faithful person. Well, I still am but, it’s different. When I was 11 years old, I heard of a perfect Father, yeah, that’s God image in my mind. Until now, I still believe He is kind and He loves me. But, I don’t know how to repay His love. I put my faith in God since then; when I heard Him. He is there, always there inside me. Every time I was talking to myself, asking some unanswered question, He always there, not to tell me the answer but, teaching me how to find the answer.

I have some experience about talking with God and how He hears the poor, how God always listen to the right man. One day, I was very tired. I got another Math course. Then I prayed. I talk a bit. I shared how I felt. I’m tired.

“God, I need some rest.” I said,”Could you make my teacher sick? Or make a bad traffic. I don’t want him to come now.”

Surely, I have faith when I said that. I really believe in Him. I think He knows me the best and He’ll understand my condition. Yes, He did. My teacher couldn’t come because of bad traffic.

Another one. My guitar teacher. I did the same prayer, God hears me. He do understand when you said “Please”.

Recently, I experienced another one. You know, my relationship with God right now isn’t as good as I used to have. But, He’s still there for me. Even a simple prayer of mine, He always listen. That day is the day of my Accounting psychometric test. I understand nothing thanks to the teacher. But, my friend taught me some so, I believe I’ll succeed but, still when I see that teacher, I’ll feel terrible again. So, yes, I prayed the night before the test.

“God, I know this is so selfish but, can you make that teacher disappear for one beautiful morning?”

In the morning, I prayed again. I just don’t want to see that teacher.

“If you have faith, He’ll do it for you, Right?” I think.

That’s what I said. I can’t really believe what happened next. That creepy teacher never walk into the class that morning. I don’t know what happen to her. I don’t care about her. One thing for sure, God did what I ask. He always listen to my prayer when I ask Him with faith.

Believe in Him and He’ll never disappoint you! Just have faith! You don’t have to be the most righteous person in the world to have a relationship with God. He’s everyone’s God, even a sinners. Don’t be afraid to love Him because He always loves you, He always cares about you and your life. Try it!

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  1. shiroikage says:

    god bless you

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