Uncertainty, Fear, and Passion

Where are you today?
What dragged you so far from me?
I’m here alone at the corner of the night.
The darkness have swallowed me deep inside.
You’re not here enlighten my world.

What happened to you?
What happened to us?
You leave without a word.
I miss you yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Don’t leave, don’t leave, please…

What’s going on last night?
Tell me what’s wrong this morning.
I don’t feel it right.
I don’t wish to hurt you.
I know I can’t be there for you good enough.

I know promises don’t last forever.
Commitment don’t live as time goes by.
I know relationship have time.
But, love last as long as we want to protect it.
As long as we’re willing to smile for each other…

Life have problems.
We all know that.
So, stand up and smile, Girl!
Hold my hand, I’ll be right beside you.
We can step forward and run through the finish line!

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