What’s Wrong With Accounting (Everything)

Wednesday, November 9th 2011

Today is a very bad day. Why the hell? Well, First of all, before today which is yesterday, I got a nightmare. Then when morning comes and the sun shine like hell’s fire, I wake up for a sec then, sleep again. I got another nightmare. What a blessing…

On the way to school, someone’s really messing with the car’s audio. The EQ is really in a mess. I mean, the balance is R6, treble 6, and bass -5. That’s really killing my mood. I thought the speaker is broken or something. Then I found out that someone’s been messing with the EQ.

The climax here is when it comes to school. Right after the break time. Accounting. What a hell of a lesson. No, wait, the only reason I hate it is because of the teacher. She doesn’t even look like a teacher, trust me! This teacher have a terrible evil smirk on her face and yes, she’s ugly. Everyone can tell that, I believe.

So, that day is Kenji’s birthday. We gave him a cake in the break time and so our meal is postponed around 15-20 minutes. Then, after the break, I went to the toilet and get inside the class. I saw some of my friends talking to the teacher and so I go on and sit on my chair.

I asked Nila, a friend of mine who is sitting right beside me,”What’s going on? What are they doing?”

She answered,”The teacher’s mad at them because they’re late.”

I thought,”Well, that’s funny because I’m late too.”

Then I realized that I don’t have that stupid accounting paper on my desk.

“Dammit!” I though,”This teacher is going to annoy me…”

And yes, I was right. I went to her and ask for the paper but, she don’t wanna give it to me. Instead, she asked some stupid question which is really boiling my head. Though, I tried my best to hold my anger. I don’t wanna mess this class. The funny part is when she said that she don’t wanna give the paper to me, I went straight back to my desk and sit then, she went to me and give that paper to me after questioning me with the same question and she was talking to herself. Well, I think she’s gonna give me the paper anyway. Maybe she thought that I will beg for that stupid paper but, of course not. That’s embarrassing…

Well, seems like school’s not my only problem. Back home, I was sleeping when dad stole my CD. I burned that CD like last night. Seems like he didn’t realize that and snatch it. Perfect. Then, late at night, dad comes to my room and asked for some song lyrics which I have known for sure that he won’t be able to sing. Surely that irritates me who’s been in a very bad mood for the day.

And yes, I’ve ran out of dark chocolates.

What a beautiful experience with emotions…

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